In late 2008, the world’s longest power cable was switched on. The cable stretches 580 km from Feda in Norway across the North Sea to Eemshaven in the Netherlands. This extremely powerful cable has the capacity to transmit 6 billion kWh a year. Losses in transmission are very small – about 3.7 per cent.

Hörle Wire was honoured to be asked to participate in NorNed, as the project was called. During a two-year period we produced and delivered approximately 16,000 tons of material. Deliveries were governed entirely by the client’s production plan and our just-in-time concepts. A total of 81,000 km of steel wire was used – enough to stretch twice around the globe.

Length: 580 km
Depth: 50-400 metres

System: High Voltage Direct Current, HVDC. Used to distribute power over long distances, reduces transmission loss compared to AC systems.

Transmission capacity: 700 MW