The Company

Johan E. Pettersson founded Hörle Tråd & Formstiftfabrik in 1917. Utilizing the innovation of electricity and the famous entrepreneurial spirit of Småland, Pettersson manufactured wire eyelets, hooks and barbed wire. In the 1920s, Edwin H. Thomée bought the company and changed its name to Hörle Tråd och Spikfabrik. Wire nails, galvanized iron wire, rolling of iron bands, 4-edge fencing and 6-edge wire weave were produced and supplied to industries in the vicinity. The competition was tough, but the desire to develop larger.

Today Hörle Wire Group has production plants in Sweden, Slovakia and in Germany. Broad experience and efficient flows for materials and production make us the right partner offering value for money for European manufacturers.

Customer focus, high quality and fast response make Hörle Wire one of the leading players in the market. We believe in partnerships and long-term relationships where profit can be counted in money and growth, but also in trust and reliability.

Hörle Wire Group AB:

Volume, tonnes: 70 000

Average number of employees: 150

Hörle Wire Group is part of the Liljedahl Group, which is a family-owned group of companies with seven wholly owned holdings: Elcowire Group, LWW Group, Hörle Wire Group, LMT Group, Finnvedens Lastvagnar, Finnvedens Bil and Liljedahl Group Real Estate. The Liljedahl Group is also the largest owner of the listed company Bufab AB (publ). The group currently has a turnover of around SEK 11 billion and employs over 1,300 people. For more information: