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Why should you buy wire from Hörle Wire? We have proud traditions and supply top quality products, but it is the flow from supplier to delivery that is the real delicacy. Our Plus Menu is prepared with healthy extras that reduce the final bill. Shared risk management, lower tied-up capital, process adaptation, product development, high precision in deliveries, or simply just super-efficient administration. What does plus add up to for you?

We believe in partnerships and long-term relationships where profit can be counted in both money and expansion. Hörle Wire is part of your growth.



Hörle Wire AB, 100 Years!


Hörle Wire AB celebrates 100 years this year, established 1917 in Hörle, Sweden. Our local newspaper made an article about us, click the link and read a bit of our history. Hörle Wire 100 år

Closed for Christmas Holidays!


Hörle Wire AB will be closed for Christmas from 23/12 until 1/1-17. Huesecken Wire GmbH will be closed for Christmas from 23/12 until 1/1-17. Hörle Wire s.r.o will be closed for Christmas from 23/12 until 9/1-17. We wish you nice holidays with a lot of celebration and good times! We are back from Holidays 2/1-17.

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