Hörle Wire s.r.o.

Hörle Wire s.r.o can offer low-carbon and high-carbon wire, hot-dip or electrolytic galvanized wire to suit customers’ requirements. We are a modern, flexible company with the capacity to meet high demands, in dimensions ranging from 0.48 to 7.00 mm, and in a wide choice of surface finishes. Our products are used in the energy sector, cellulose production, the building industry, furniture and various other applications.

Our broad experience and efficient material logistics and production make us an economical and accessible partner to the European manufacturing industry.

We have a total production area of 20,000 square metres and employ around 50 people. The company is located in Nitra, in western Slovakia, providing good links to the whole of central Europe.

Hörle Wire s.r.o is part of Hörle Wire Group, which is made up of Hörle Wire AB in Sweden, Hörle Wire s.r.o. in Slovakia and Huesecken GmbH in Germany. These three facilities have a combined production capacity of 70,000 tons and employ 150 people.

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Hörle Wire Group is part of the Liljedahl Group, which is a family-owned group of companies with seven wholly owned holdings: Elcowire Group, LWW Group, Hörle Wire Group, LMT Group, Finnvedens Lastvagnar, Finnvedens Bil and Liljedahl Group Real Estate. The Liljedahl Group is also the largest owner of the listed company Bufab AB (publ). The group currently has a turnover of around SEK 11 billion and employs over 1,300 people. For more information: www.liljedahlgroup.se

History of Hörle Wire s.r.o

The history of wire drawing in Nitra began in the late 90’s. Galvanized wires started to be produced in 2005. In 2006, Hörle Wire AB acquired the buildings and all manufacturing facilities and equipment’s. It began to write a new era of wire production in Nitra. Gradually, the new owner invested in the company and built a modern factory that can compete with world leaders in its LEAN concept. We have greatly expanded the production volume and the portfolio of products of the highest quality. We can flexibly respond to the individual needs of even the most demanding customers.

Since 2006 the company has been part of Hörle Wire Group, which is part of the Liljedahl Group.