Quality / Environment

Our pallets stand out. Cleaner, shinier wire in clearly labelled packaging makes operation smooth and trouble free for our customers. Hörle Wire meets high technical standards and the company has comprehensive quality certification. All employees are trained in lean production. The challenge is to improve continuously as a partner. Our aim is total quality.

Certification: ISO 9001



We are a cog in the global industrial machine and we take our responsibility to ensure it runs smoothly – economically, socially and environmentally. A holistic perspective is evident in the way we do business – suppliers, employees, customers and customers’ customers are equally important. We value long-term relationships where profits can be counted in revenues, but also in security and trust.

Our processes are certified according to international environmental standards. We actively and continuously check the consumption of raw materials and energy, as well as emissions to air and water. Regular audits ensure good results.

Certification: ISO 14001


CO2 reduction certificate. Attached below,

CO2 reduction certificate_transport