Hörle Wire AB invests!


This year we will close our production in Hörle, Sweden one extra week due to a major construction work. We will during the weeks 27 – 32 replace the electrical control in our pickling line.
Please contact your sales representative or any of the members in our Supply Team to ensure that your orders are planned and sent on time.

Artikel om Hörle Wire i Gnosjö!


I senaste numret av Gnosjö kan man läsa om Hörle Wire samt ett längre reportage om vår ägare Bengt Liljedahl. Använd länken nedan,

Hörle Wire AB, 100 Years!


Hörle Wire AB celebrates 100 years this year, established 1917 in Hörle, Sweden.
Our local newspaper made an article about us, click the link and read a bit of our history.
Hörle Wire 100 år

Ho¦êrle 100 vit alt2

Closed for Christmas Holidays!


Hörle Wire AB will be closed for Christmas from 23/12 until 1/1-17.
Huesecken Wire GmbH will be closed for Christmas from 23/12 until 1/1-17.
Hörle Wire s.r.o will be closed for Christmas from 23/12 until 9/1-17.

We wish you nice holidays with a lot of celebration and good times! We are back from Holidays 2/1-17.


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