Huesecken Wire GmbH once again certified as an “excellent training company” !

Also this year, Huesecken Wire GmbH has been awarded the “Excellent training company” seal of approval for its outstanding training quality. In an anonymous survey, the trainees answered around 100 detailed questions about the quality of their training. The topics covered covered the content of the training, how trainees are treated in the company and their future prospects.


For the quality label, key figures were also collected with the HR managers, such as the number of trainees taken on and the drop-out rate. “By combining these key figures with the assessment of the trainees, young people receive reliable information about how good a training company actually is,” says business psychologist Judith Grefe from “ertragswerkstatt”, which is responsible for awarding the seal. This is because only companies that receive good grades from their trainees and are highly committed to training are “Excellent Training Company 2023”. The award has been presented annually since 2013.


In recent years, more than 100 companies have undergone a comprehensive assessment of the quality of their training every year. The “Excellent Training Company” initiative is therefore the largest independent and neutral certification for training companies in Germany. A requirement for participation was that the companies train at least 5 apprentices.


“This is important to us because it was the only way we could conduct an anonymised survey in which the trainees could answer openly and honestly,” says Judith Grefe from the “ertragswerkstatt”.


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