Huesecken Wire takes first steps towards ”paperless office” and supports Plant for the Planet!

Huesecken Wire GmbH is aware of its social responsibility as a company and wants to live up to it. For this reason, a number of steps have already been taken in the past to better position the site in Hohenlimburg in terms of sustainability and to efficiently follow ecological goals in addition to social and economic interests.

In addition to a holistic energy management system, which is certified according to DIN EN 50001, and the purchase of a natural gas-powered car for trips between the plants, further changes are now to be made in the administrative area. The goal is to enable a ”paperless office” in the long term. To this end, some measures have already been implemented internally and further projects are in the planning phase. The approaches pursued here relate to electronic notes, the development of a digital document workflow and the planning of an EDI connection for customers and suppliers. Important documents for which a printout cannot be avoided are printed on both sides. This has already led to a considerable reduction in the amount of paper used in administration.

For further savings, the business partners of Huesecken Wire GmbH were contacted in December 2020 with the request to communicate the corresponding e-mail addresses to Huesecken for the electronic receipt of regularly occurring documents such as invoices or test certificates. Positive response, willingness to support and rapid feedback from customers and suppliers ensured that a large part of the document exchange could be converted to digital dispatch and receipt. The costs for postage, letterheads, envelopes, etc. saved by the conversions are used to support the ”Plant-for-the-Planet” foundation https://a.plant-for-the-planet.org/de/